Shows and Workshops



Rob's delightful mime show will bring your event loads of laughter and enduring moments. Whether on stage or strolling through the audience, his mime, juggling, balloon animals, magic and hilarious improvisation will make your event a truly fun success. 

Called "one of the Midwest's neatest talents," Rob transforms silence into screams of laughter. Your audience will remember his dynamic antics for years to come. He brings his masterful skills to children and adults during corporate, schools, civic and private functions.

Fantastic for school assemblies, private parties and lasting memories.


Access Your Creative Potential 

Your group, classroom or team will learn how to become instantly creative, cooperative and empowered. During this  fun and dynamic experience, Rob can guarantee that everyone present will joyfully and fully participate. Additionally, inherent in Rob's workshops are diversity, inclusion, and leadership qualities. Classrooms create stories that are acted out which help foster imagination and invitations to writing and reading. Rob is a graduate of GRPS schools and always encourages by example the importance of applying oneself. Teachers are always amazed at the difference Rob makes in their students lives.  

Rob Reider School for Performance and Movement Arts Teaching the Art of Presence

The remarkable way to showing up in life and on stage. These studies in the Art of Presence bring you to experience your Authentic Self. The studies give you direction, confidence, and awareness. It is through these attributes you become free to create on stage and in life. Read more about Rob Reider's Coach Presence method here.




Juggling Made Easy
Learn simple scarf techniques that slow down the juggling process and get you and your group past the "I can't" syndrome. This empowering and encouraging workshop teaches coordination and has had a very high success rate. For ages nine and up (third grade is the youngest for juggling).

Mime Master Classes 
Classes and residencies in performance and movement are offered to colleges and universities. These classes are based on the time honored techniques personally handed down to Rob through his studies with Marcel MarceauThomas Leabhart and Tony Montanaro.