Kind Words

Rob was an excellent choice for our organization’s benefit. The audience loved him — and his ability to say so much without words. His hilarious antics immediately caught their attention and held it until the end of his performance. I would easily recommend Rob and his skills to anyone looking for incredible entertainment
— Greg Stroh producer/director, Vaudeville Night at Grand Rapids Community Media Center
Rob Reider’s performance was polished and poised; a perfect testament that a single performer with a cultivated skill AND a big heart can effect so many. The audience was set into a spin of laughter. I was deeply moved to see and to feel the effects of theater at its best.
— Angela Caplan
After only 4 classes so far, Rob Reider’s Master Mime work has already improved my theatrical clown performances immensely! My stage presence has sparkled and my physical clown gestures have become more crisp, articulate, and more interesting to watch. I notice my audiences responding more to the “bright eyes” and intentional movements that awaken both me as a performer and my appreciative audiences as well. And, Rob is fun to work with! He validates you so much and coaxes out the “genius performer” in everyone. His calm, fun spirit and passion to the craft rub off on you and carries over to life and performance. I feel like I am on fire again for my performing! I am definitely receiving a gift from a long line of Master teachers....a gift I only want to appreciate and cultivate daily. Rob’s teachings are breathing new life into my shows and awakening my spirit. I recommend him to everyone, especially performers! Thank you Rob!!
— Dave Mampel (aka Daffy Dave)
I would like to recommend Rob Reider as a fabulous teacher and a fabulous human. I am in great appreciation of the way he combines stage presence with stage awareness while integrating traditional and not traditional mime. The world of performing is full of the mundane; people hiding while they are on stage. There is a huge emphasis on being present physically and emotionally on stage, when you work with Rob. I am very fond of Rob and appreciate the gift of working with him.
— David Magidson (aka Boswick the Clown)
As somebody who performs magic and juggling for a living, I am always looking for quality theatre training. Through the years, I’ve done various theatre trainings-some good, and some did more HARM than good. One thing I have discovered is that those performing artists I most admire are skilled in what I would call physical eloquence or mime. I consider magic to be essentially a form of pantomime-using props and gestures to create illusion. As such, I have for years been wishing for a pantomime teacher to aid me in my quest for greater expressive ability. My criteria for a teacher have been 1) Somebody who is very good at the art form 2) An enthusiastic and capable teacher 3) A good performer 4) An evolved human being on many levels who brings spirit, imagination and passion to the work.
In the first few minutes of my first private session with Rob Reider, I knew that I had found a teacher with all of these qualities. Rob is a very good communicator, able to teach this difficult art form in an empowering manner. Honestly, I don’t find a lot of empowerment in the theatre world, and that can be discouraging. Rob has an uncanny ability to know what’s going on with my process in the given moment and make subtle adjustments to what I’m doing, helping to elevate student and artform beyond the rote and cliche. Particularly important to me is Rob’s awareness of, and ability to communicate what is strong “presence”. I eagerly look forward to working with Rob in the future and highly recommend to those wishing to enhance their potential as a theatre creative to take advantage of this gifted teacher and artist.
— Steven Koehler